2020 08 07

Cultural festival Purpurinis Vakaras and Anykščių Vynas invited visitors to the musical tasting

“It would be very sad if 13 would become a number of misfortune for us and the festival tradition would end,” jokes one of the organisers of the festival Purpurinis Vakaras Benas Jakštas, the head of Bardai LT. In the evening of Thursday, August 13, the festival organisers invited visitors to the musical tasting. The festival took place in a completely new festival space in Anykščiai and presented the Baltos Varnos (White crows) concert.

Among the visitors of the musical tasting in Summer Garden near the Palace of the Grand Dukes were actresses Kristina Kazlauskaitė, Redita Dominaitytė, Larisa Kalpokaitė with husband, actor Jonas Braškis, actress Nijolė Narmontaitė with husband Paulus Kovas, co-owner of Wine Club Rasa Starkus, the founder of Anykščių Vynas from Australia, Algimantas Karazija.

One could hardly imagine Anykščiai without the festival Purpurinis Vakaras. Certainly, the pandemic situation in the world imposed certain restrictions, but the cultural festival has prepared a programme. This year’s novelty is the live sound concert of Linas Adomaitis in the yard of Anykščių Vynas factory. The concert will take place on August 21.

 “It was a real challenge, considering that the factory has strict order and safety standards. However, challenges make us move forward and improve. We are very happy to contribute to the continuity of the festival, to present the festival to Anykščiai residents and guests. We hope that the unconventional environment will give the concert uniqueness and charm, and our guests will see the winery in an unusual role and feel its historical aura,” says Algirdas Čiburys, CEO of MV GROUP Production, which manages Anykščių vynas.

None of the festival’s 11 traditional events were removed, but in response to the recommendations of the government, the festival organisers reviewed the programme so that the audience and participants of the festival could feel safe.

Cultural festival Purpurinis Vakaras will take place on August 20-22 in Anykščiai. More information about the programme of the festival is available at www.purpurinisvakaras.lt