2023 09 20

An unexpected offer: let’s go to a play… in the factory yard!

The ability to be integral is today’s value and the stimulus that enables both human and business development. Progressive business therefore fosters openness – it is no longer limited to its direct activities and is constantly looking for ways to contribute to social initiatives. In addition, some initiatives are created within organisations themselves to actively … Continued

2020 07 10

VORUTA novelty – a natural rhubarb wine

VORUTA natural rhubarb wine is an addition to a new white wine portfolio of VORUTA, which is a leader of the Lithuanian fruit wine market. This wine features an easily perceptible and unique aroma of rhubarb and a well-balanced sweet and sour taste.

2019 09 12

Electronic queuing system has increased the efficiency of apple buying

Anykščių Vynas welcomed in this year’s apple harvest season with new equipment – an electronic queue management system was installed at the factory that makes it possible to optimise the crop buying process and avoid queues at buying points. Anykščių Vynas invested more than EUR 17,000 in the new system.