A nykščių vynas” history began in 1926 when “B. ir J. Karazijų vaisių vynų dirbtuvė” opened in Anykščiai. This family-owned business led by Balys Karazija quickly proved that it is possible to make excellent wine from local raw materials. A small family business have grown into a factory – the largest producer of fruit and berry wine in the Baltic countries, and Balys Karazija has been titled a king of interwar Lithuania’s wine.

Balys Karazija founder of „Anykščių vynas“ (standing right) with guests.

More than 90 years
of experience
Team of over
70 professionals
About 90 beverages
in our portfolio
More than 20 thousand tons of fruits and berries processed every year

Today “Anykščių vynas” continues to follow centuries-old wine-making traditions that are fostered by the team of more than 70 professionals. More than 20 tonnes of fruit and berries are turned into different drinks each year: wine, cider,juice and bitter – all these are connected by one important criterion – naturalness. Those are “Voruta” wine, “Tinginio pantis” cider,  Mr. Fruct juice as well as the latest product of “Anykščių vynas” – berries and herbs bitter “Voruta”. These drinks are a result of experience, craftsmanship and traditional, time-tested recipes.

Our pride

Our experts

Respect for traditions and craftsmanship based on modern technologies allows us to create authentic products. The team that takes production processes seriously is the greatest treasure. We value and proud of its knowledge, competence, strength and energy in creating new and high-quality beverages. These experts continue the natural fruit and berry wine production history of Balys Karazija that became a part of Anykščiai region.


“Anykščių vynas” factory owned by AB MV GROUP Production has the following certified systems installed:

ISO 9001
Quality management
ISO 14001
Environmental management
FSSC 22000
Food safety

Quality management and environmental management systems certificate.

Food safety system certificate.

By following all the system requirements, we can ensure “Anykščių vynas” produces safe and high-quality products, and production processes comply with environmental protection principles.


MV Group

“Anykščių vynas” is owned by beverage production company MV GROUP Production along with “Stumbras”, “Alita” and “Gubernija”. MV GROUP Production belongs to MV GROUP – one of the biggest corporate groups in the Baltic countries uniting alcoholic and other beverage production, wholesale, retail and logistics companies.

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