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L ithuanian Beverage Journey – educational programmes linking four cities with unique Lithuanian beverage traditions: Šiauliai, Alytus, Kaunas and Anykščiai. These cities are home to Lithuania’s largest beverage factories: the historic Gubernija Brewery in Šiauliai, Stumbras in Kaunas, which has already entered its second century, Anykščių Vynas in Anykščiai, which is approaching its centenary, and the youngest Alita factory in Alytus. All the factories share a clear vision – to cherish the authentic traditions of Lithuanian beverage production.

Educational programme

Lithuanian Beverage Journey educational programme provides an opportunity to learn about the interesting history of these factories and production: you will hear the stories about the origins of the most famous beverages, familiarise with the production process and have an opportunity to taste the most popular products.

Professional “Anykščių vynas” experts- sommeliers invite you to Anykščiai factory that cherishes almost a century-old Lithuanian wine-making traditions and pays special attention to naturalness.

Educational programme route

During an education programme in “Anykščių vynas” factory you will:

  • Learn the history of the factory since 1926;
  • Get acquainted with “Voruta” wine-making processes: from the pressing of fruit and berry juices to bottling;
  • Taste beverages intended for professional tasting in the special tasting room;
  • Listen stories about the flavouring properties of the beverages, and familiarise with the basic principles of combining wine and food;
  • Have a chance to buy the beverages and souvenirs after the tasting in the shop nearby.
  • program duration from 2 to 2,5 hours, we accept up to 40 guests;
  • Pre-registration is required: By phone: +370 615 44 270, +370 616 49 962 or via email: or fill out the registration form.


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City Garden No.1

5 beverages tasting + snacks

5 pcs.
19 €

City Garden No.2

7 beverages tasting + snacks

7 pcs.
22 €

City Garden No.3

9 beverages tasting + snacks

9 pcs.
24 €

City Garden No.4

OFFER FOR GROUPS, from 30 persons *.
4 drinks and snacks.

* 50% prepayment applies.

4 pcs.
16 €
Educational programme
Price: 36.00 €
Cash or card payment on the spot.